Ecclesia - Wake-on-SMS SMS2Web
(Android application automatically posts form through browser upon receiving SMS.)
This sms2www mechanism is ideal for industries which require on-the-go orders e.g. logistics.
Run Android emulator and bring up "Contacts" from Home menu
Click and hold on special Wake-on-SMS account "Ecclesia" to select "Edit contact"
Use "Map address" as the form action URL to post with.
Now add parameters such as user identity, user password, etc. by selecting "Organization" from "+ More info"
Select "Organization" under the "Other" label.
Add input key under the "Company" field. Add an input value of input key under the "Position" field.
Scroll down and hit "Save"
After having the data prepared, simulate to send an SMS to the emulator using telnet.
Use the CLI command "sms" with the special SMS prefix, i.e. the unique name for special Wake-on-SMS account "Ecclesia", in the text message.
Upon receiving SMS with this SMS prefix in the text message, the browser will load a form that will automatically be submitted with the information stored in the special Wake-on-SMS account "Ecclesia".
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